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Conference Call- Mr. O.Rielly's Checklist

Housekeeping stuff:

-Press * so you can be the host and then enter the pin 0911#

-Welcome people as they join the call prior to the start time so that people know they're in the right place


The information below is only effective when it is said with a SMILE and TALK FAST with a EXCITED, CONVERSATIONAL TONE OF VOICE. Enthusiasm is KEY.

People must leave the call with the feeling of EXCITEMENT, I CAN DO IT AND IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Audience of the call and who should be spoken to: new people (brand new unlicensed unsure of what's going on and sometimes never been on an appointment) and the spouse/family/guests of that brand new agent that know very little and/or are still questioning the validity of what the agent has gotten involved in


5-6 minutes of numbered topics below

10 minutes of subject matter

5-6 minutes of going around the horn

Close as needed


When Going Around the Horn:

1. Have a SPECIFIC question you are asking (see #2 below)

*Can be the same question for everyone or different questions

*The newer the person, the more specific the question needs to be

*Do not ask questions that could be answered negatively


2. Say the name of person you are going to FIRST and then ask the question and intro them so they have time to unmute and think

-An effective intro might include (doesn't always have to include everything; whatever helps the call):

*Prior/current occupation/background (remember: CAN I DO IT?; need to know these people are relateable)

*How long he/she has been with Primerica

*Current standings in the month's incentive and/or competition period for the Builders School

Topics to include:

Where you place items through out the call isn't much important except leaving the call with implied or real hope and a call to action for all.

1. The company is strong, credible and does what is right, and create an enemy.

Rightness, goodness, bigness

This can be a factual statement or a story you know about. Example: "congrats to the company, they just were voted the best place to work in Georgia by the employees" or :the new life insurance stats just came out for 2013 and Primerica leads the pack for the 11th year in a row with an avg policy size of 265k vs 183k for the industry" or "I just paid a death claim of 575k dollars and 4 years ago we replaced a policy they had for 50k each so we made a huge difference to this family".

Or any 1 minute story statement that gives everyone on the call a warm fuzzies and makes them proud of our company


This should be brief; 30 seconds to 1-1/2 minutes. 


2. The "system" they are a part of works and everyone needs to follow it. 

Use whatever method you want to do this just be sure whatever they are told in orientation. 


Get promoted and get licensed = included 


This can explained by the host of call or by using an example of the hottest new person on the call. For example Linz on rich and Missy's team was just promoted to District Thursday, so the host of call could go to someone like her and ask these questions.
A. what have you done to get promoted?
B. do you set appointments?
C. what do you say to those people?
D. do you bring guests?
E. what do you say to those people?
F. your a mom and wife you worked 60 hours a week why are you doing this?
G. what would you say a person should do listening to this call if they want to move their business?

This only should be 1-2 minutes unless it's really really good with the person your asking the questions to. Maximum should only be 2-3.



Refrain from open ended questions that you're not sure how people will respond if give people the opportunity to answer negatively (including taking the test multiple times, unsuppotive family, etc.) and also intangible "motivation" questions to newer people


Be sure to pay attention to correct anything that needs corrected. The key is to highlight how stupidly simple our business is, confirm rightness and goodness and to create competition with the competitive people.


3. The inside scoop and part of the next leadership group
We want to have people in their mind want to be part of that group and/ or  the feeling of "man, this company is on the move".

I use statements like "I was on a leadership call with the company" or "I was talking to the RVPS on a conference call" or "we just talked to senior leadership" or " when I was at breakfast with the RVPS in Phoenix we were talking"

Then make a statement such as "the home office has stuff coming that you really want to have a big team to be able to be on the cutting edge of distribution" or "the RVPS were really dialing in the next 3 years, we spent hours together talking about the next wave of RVPS coming out of the hierarchy and guys, you want to be a part of this... so who's next?" 


During this time of talking about or selling leadership I will always remind the callers of the persons previous employment. We want to talk about the archeologist, pool guy, rock band, mechanic, but also the john Leitch attorney and Joe Cardino the judge. You do not have to know these people personally but you can speak of them as you do. Also drop lines about people that are coming through the system.


The goal is to RELATE TO EVERYONE on the call, continue to bring credibility for the listening spouse/family, as well as spark competition/fear of loss for the veteran agents

4. Credibility of Team Machine leadership and direction (current incentive, contest, Builders School, promotion, etc.)

What gets talked about gets done.


All and all we always want to remind people what grows their business, Show the simplicity, imply success doesn't happen over night but also doesn't take forever. The company isn't perfect but is good and right, and they can personally be part of something bigger. 

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