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Jim & Jody O'Rielly

Senior Vice Presidents

Team Machine

Team Machine includes the team of RVPs who were trained and mentored by Senior Vice Presidents Jim & Jody O'Rielly.  The O'Rielly's believe in the power of a machine - where every piece has a job to do and each job is crucial to the overall function of the machine.  Like any machine has many moving parts, so does this team.  Team Machine is proud to bring stellar service to our clients, make a positive difference in our communities and have great influence for those we work with.


Original Established Method

The Original Established Method (OEM) is the logic behind how we choose to run our businesses.  As a whole, we work to teach, train, coach and guide those who decide they would like to be a part of a movement.  The OEM movement was first born in 1977 by a football coach and founder of AL Williams, Mr. Art Williams.  Art Williams believed in giving people a shot to do something special with their lives.  The OEM movement was reborn in January of 2015 - the main focus of the OEM is to open 1,000 Offices by the end of 2025.

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